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Bomberman Jetters 2x3

The Melody of a Gigantic Planet

When Birdy says he’s tired of the usual Raman, the Jetterz go to get some more. When they arrive on the planet, a gigantic cat attacks and takes Shout with her.Then, White Bomber goes to rescue Shout. When he gets to the house where Shout is, he finds out that the cat is sick, and Shout is trying to find out what was wrong. White Bomber throws a Pepper Bomb, and the cat spits out Mujyou! So, Mujyou uses the “”Super Combined Bomberman Making Machine”” to turn the cat in Cat Rinrin Bomber. Will White Bomber find a plan to return Cat Rinrin Bomber to its original form, and will the Jetterz get the only bell of it’s kind in the universe back?

Apr. 16, 2003

Bomberman Jetters season 2