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Bomberman Jetters 2x5

Misty's Great Plan

When Dr. Ein makes Birdy clean one of the Jetterz’ ships, he has a flashback as to why nobody uses the ship anymore. In the flashback, Mighty decides instead of stopping the Higehige-dan and getting back the unique flower-scented natto, to let them float and track them down to their HQ, where they can take back all of the stolen items from the Higehige-dan. But, when Mighty and Birdy get into their HQ, they meet Misty. Misty and Mighty fall into a booby trap which sends them into the basement, while Birdy gets away. In the basement, Mighty gives Misty back her Jetterz badge, which she lost earlier, and asks her to join the Jetterz. But, before she can say anything, Mujoe starts to self-destruct the HQ, which is actually a giant battleship! Will Mighty and Misty get out in time, or will they be caught in the explosion?

Apr. 30, 2003

Bomberman Jetters season 2