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Bomberman Jetters 2x6

The Idol, White Bomber

When Pui, an animal who looks just like Rui comes to Planet Bomber, he says he wants to become White Bomber’s apprentice! So, since White Bomber lost to Rui at a video game, he’s Rui’s apprentice for the day. Rui and Pui go head-to-head in three battles to see who will be his apprentice. The third battle is a race, and during it, White Bomber sees a strange man in a coat watching from an alley. White Bomber approaches him, and the man runs, but drops his wallet. So, White Bomber chases after him. They have a talk, and he finds out the man’s name is Daibon, and that he his Pui’s master. Pui ran away because he said he found a Bomberman who couldn’t even throw Fire Bombs was pathetic. Daibon wants Rui back, and White Bomber comes up with a plan to have Pui go back to him. When they are about to go through with the plan, White Bomber gets afraid that Rui might think he’s pathetic, and starts to freak out. Will White Bomber go through with he plan and let Daibon have Pui back, or will Pui

May. 07, 2003

Bomberman Jetters season 2