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Chrome Shelled Regios 1x11

Spa Resort Karian

The episode starts out with Felli and her brother Kallian at a pool. Felli soon spots Nina and the rest of her 17th platoon at the pool too, and Kallian makes a suggestion to have Nina teach Felli how to swim, although Felli is reluctant. Meanwhile Naruki and Mifi talk to Layfon and gets him to teach Mayshen how to swim. Seeing this, Felli becomes jealous and decides to learn how to swim. After swimming Felli becomes suspicious on why the whole 17th platoon decided to spend their free time at the pool and questions Nina about it. Stuttering and obviously nervous, Nina quickly makes up a lie to tell to Felli and Felli believes it. After that Felli sees everyone talking to her brother Kallian about a deal of some sort.

The next day at the pool, Nina tries to get Felli to swim but Felli refuses. Sharnid comes up with the idea to get Layfon to teach Felli. Felli accepts and her face starts to turn red and her brother Kallian notices this (Kallian actually notices quite a few times in this episode). After swimming Kallian locks up Layfon in a room and has a talk with him and hints about him and Felli being in a relationship (although Layfon is obviously confused)and Layfon will feel his wrath if he so dares to hurt Felli. A couple scenes later, Felli and Nina are taken as hostages in the inn they were staying by terrorists. Felli tries to look for their dites but starts to become noticeable with the pink glow she gives off as she is searching. Felli and Nina retrieve their dites and take down the terrorists along with the help of Sharnid. Felli soon realizes that Nina wanted to teach her how to swim so that she would become tired and not be able to use her psychic powers with such force that she becomes noticeable. Nina and Harley start to apologize and told Felli that they were bribed by her brother Kallian to do this. Felli asks if Layfon knew about this and Sharnid says that Layfon had no idea and if he did he would not lie to Felli about it. Harley notices that Layfon has been missing for a while and Felli becomes mad when she figures out her brother must have kidnapped Layfon. The next scene we still see Layfon and Kallian in the room, but immediately Felli breaks down the wall, furious. She walks up to her scared brother and kicks him in the leg, supposedly breaking his bones.

Chrome Shelled Regios: 1×11
Mar. 21, 2009

Chrome Shelled Regios season 1