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Chrome Shelled Regios 1x14

A Ruined Aristocrat`s Reality

The favor that Sharnid wishes to ask from the group is to leave Siena to him, and he goes into a reminiscing moment about his old 10th platoon. In his reminiscence, he remembers how their city lost the intercity match, making their former platoon leader become dejected. After seeing their former platoon leader in such a state, Sharnid, Sheena, and Dinn, all made a vow to defend Zuelli with their own hands. However, Sharnid also informs the 17th platoon that at the time of the vow their friendship was already breaking up, and he left the 10th platoon to try to completely break the three of them up. Thus he wants this chance to completely break them up and then try to reconnect them together again. Moments later the inter-platoon match has started, and Dinn is doing amazingly well as he has already broken through many of the traps set by the 17th platoon, but is feeling side effects from the Overload. Suddenly, the ground in front of the 10th platoon breaks, leaving Siena by herself. Dinn tells her to go on, and she does, meeting Sharnid in a 1v1 fight. Sharnid now shows his new weapons, which are two pistol dites. Siena and Sharnid begin to battle it out, and although Sharnid puts up a good fight, he loses at the end. Thus he begins to interrogate Siena about why Dinn is not letting her help defend Zuelli by using the Overload just as Dinn has been. Layfon has begun to fight with Dinn, and even though Dinn is using Overload, Layfon wins easily. Dinn goes into what seems to be berserker state due to the Fallen One. Haia and his people then appear and have Dinn captured, so that he can get the Fallen One. Layfon, in order to stop Haia, asks Haia to a duel the Psyharden way. While Layfon is dueling Haia, Sharnid and Siena are going to Dinn’s location to try and get the Fallen One out of his body. They get caught up with Myunfa in a tiny skirmish, but win. Finally Siena talks to Dinn about the past, telling him she loved him, and that Dinn has done enough already.

Chrome Shelled Regios: 1×14
Apr. 12, 2009

Chrome Shelled Regios season 1