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Chrome Shelled Regios 1x20

Evening at the Pre-War City

Nina finally returns to her comrades, but cannot explain away to her members what occurred while she was in Myath, including the existence of the Fallen One residing in her body. Haia, frustrated with the feeling of inferiority he has harbored against Layfon, resolves to challenge him to a duel. While Felli openly sulks over Layfon’s return to normalcy over Nina’s unexpected return, criticizing Nina’s evasive attitude and berating Layfon’s calm acceptance over this fact, Haia makes her the bait for his long-awaited duel with Layfon. Layfon is sent a message from the Salinvan Mercenary Corps regarding the conditions to get Felli back. Myath draws closer, and the night before the Intercity Match, Layfon prepares for a confrontation with Haia even as Leerin finally steps inside Zuellni.

Chrome Shelled Regios: 1×20
May. 24, 2009

Chrome Shelled Regios season 1