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The Amazing Race 11x9

The Way You Look, Yeah

The teams are instructed to travel from their Pit Stop at the Pieskowa Skała castle in Krakow, Poland and fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, over 5,500 miles away. Once there, the teams search for the best way possible to get to the Batu Caves, traveling by both bus and train. A Detour proves frustrating for some teams and even more frustrating for another, who first has to wait out a Yield before making their way to their chosen task. Stress and frustration cause two teams to switch Detour tasks, which one arguing over the specifics of what’s required for a particular task. After completing the task, the teams then travel by taxi six miles to Taman Sri Hartamas and locate a newspaper. A Roadblock proves physically tiring for several of the Racers, but assistance from locals and perseverance see them through the task. Ultimately, a missed flight connection dooms one team. Unable to quickly attain alternate travel, they fall far behind and do not arrive in Malaysia until well after the other teams, leading to their elimination.

The Amazing Race: 11×9
Apr. 08, 2007