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The Amazing Race 1x11

Fight to the Last Minute

The teams traveled from Thailand to Bangkok to Beijing. They performed a series of tasks. Frank and Margarita and Rob and Brennan had to play ping-pong against a local in a Detour. The teams had to buy beetle larvae, chicken feet and squid on the local market, then take it to a cook and in the Roadblock. One of the team members then had to eat it. Relationship problems surfaced for Frank and Margarita as Frank called her a “”moron.”” Margarita, Kevin, Joe and Brennan ate the food. Throughout the leg, Kevin/Drew and Joe/Bill were side by side. Nearing the pit stop, Kevin and Drew panicked when they couldn’t find the South Gate and arrived last. Joe and Bill were estatic. Kevin and Drew were the last team to arrive and were eliminated.

The Amazing Race: 1×11
Nov. 28, 2001

The Amazing Race season 1