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The Amazing Race 1x7

Triumph and Loss

Tensions are high and it seems that Team Guido is separated from the rest of the group, socially. Teams are still distraught about what happened in the previous leg. The teams are in Rome. Frank and Margarita are the first to leave the pit stop. The first clue is a Detour. The teams must chose between “”Glide”” and “”Ride.”” In “”Glide”” the teams must take a glider to the next location and in “”Ride,”” the teams must take a set of bikes to the next location, which is Ferrara. However, the teams must note there is only one glider so they may have to wait for another team to finish the task before they can start. It’s first come, first served. Frank and Margarita decide to go for the fast forward which is hidden in a moat at a castle. Rob and Brennan decide to do the glider and are the first to arrive there. Joe and Bill decide to do the biking, where they must find the bike shop. Frank and Margarita obtain the Fast Forward and start heading straight to the pit stop; New Dehli, India. Nancy/Emi

The Amazing Race: 1×7
The Amazing Race: 1×7
Oct. 24, 2001

The Amazing Race season 1