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The Amazing Race 2x2

Help Me, I'm American

All of the ten remaining teams continue the race in South America. In this leg of the race, teams hang-glide, much to the chagrin of Peggy who has had problems with her knee for years, but does it reluctantly anyway.

Shola & Doyin obtain the fast forward by playing volleyball with professionals in which a foot gets twisted. Other problems occur with the twins, when at one point, [one of the twins] gets their foot run over.

Blake and Paige have problems when they lose their wallet and have to go around the bus station, begging for money.

Several problems occur on the bus rides to the next pitstop, as one breaks down and the other gets a flat tire. Chris & Alex, tired of waiting, decide to fix the flat tire themselves and get back on the road.

Again to their surprise, Peggy and Claire stay in the race, this time placing in 8th position. And it’s a race by Hope/Norm and Blake/Paige to the finish, which results in the elimination of the married parents from Tennessee. They also feel this h

The Amazing Race: 2×2
Mar. 13, 2002

The Amazing Race season 2