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The Amazing Race 3x2

This Seems Like The Path Straight to Hell!

The teams are waiting at the pit stop: the Hacienda san Gabriel de Las Palmas. There are 11 teams left and Ken & Gerard are the first to depart at 10:36 PM. The clue says to drive 133 miles to the Pyramid of the Sun in Tehutecan. Ken & Gerard discuss how they’ve nicknamed their team “”Oh Brother,”” that way the other teams will say things like “”Oh Brother, they’re passing us again.”” Flo and Zach and Aaron and Arianne arew orking together. Flo says that there’s sexual tension between Aaron and Arianne. Michael and Kathy head off, followed by John Vito and Jill. Heather and Eve depart in sixth place. Ken and Gerard arrive at the pyramid, but it doesn’t open until 7 AM, so they’re stuck waiting. Dennis and Andrew leave the pit stop in sevent place, Teri and Ian in eighth. Andre and Damon leave, having overslept and we learn that they’re leaving in ninth place. In the previous episode they didn’t follow the proper path for the donkey detour and so they’ve received a 48 minute penalty, plus a

The Amazing Race: 3×2
Oct. 09, 2002