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The Amazing Race 4x5

You Are Just Deliberately Trying to Make Us Lose!

The teams travel from France to Amsterdam, Holland. Most teams are able to get flights, but David and Jeff and Steve and Dave have to head to another airport and lose critical time when they are caught in a bad traffic jam. In Amsterdam, teams must go boating to a museum and this leads to massive confusion, particularly for the team of Tian and Jaree. In the Detour, teams must choose between 500 Kg or 15 Feet. In 500 Kg, they drive 30 miles and then weight out 500 Kg of cheese and in 15 ft., they have to drive only 12 miles and search through cow manure for their clue. Most teams go for the cow manure, but a couple of them opt for the cheese. Afterwards, they face a Roadblock in which they must gather 25 live eels. In the end, despite serious fighting between Tian and Jaree, they manage to squeak past Steve and Dave, who, after narrowly escaping elimination in past weeks, are eliminated from the race.

The Amazing Race: 4×5
Jun. 26, 2003