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The Amazing Race 5x5

Are You Good at Puzzles?

The teams start at the Pit Stop, Catherine’s Palace, where they’re then directed to head to St. Petersburg and find a painting in an art museum: Rembrandt’s “”The Return of the Prodigal Son.”” The teams are then instructed to fly 2,000 miles to Cairo, Egypt. The teams consider their flight options and Colin and Christie score big by doing their research. They score a flight that arrives many hours before the others and Fast Forward into the lead with a task that involves transporting a sarcophagus. They check in to a nice lead at Egypt’s Sphinx. The other teams arrive in Egypt where they take part in a Roadblock: Who’s up for going down? They must carry up a bag of artifacts from a deep hole. They then take part in the Detour: Rock and Roll or Hump and Ride. In an odd twist, only Charla and Mirna get the Hump and Ride option because this horse-riding task shuts down at 5:30 P.M. The other teams must haul rocks and Linda and Karen are the last team to check in. They’re not eliminated, but

The Amazing Race: 5×5
Aug. 03, 2004