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The Amazing Race 6x11

It Always Comes Down to the Details

The teams receive a clue in Ethiopia telling them to travel by a charter flight to Addis Ababa and then make their way to a stadium. Once there, all teams take part in a four-person relay race, teaming up with pairs of Ethiopian runners. Next, the teams make their way to Colombo in Sri Lanka, 3,600 miles away. The teams then did a Detour: Tree Trunks or Elephant Trunks. All teams except Freddy and Kendra chose Tree Trunks, which involved climbing a coconut tree, walking across a high-wire and collecting some sticky sap. The Elephant Trunks task involved playing croquet while riding on an elephant. As one team fell dangerously behind, the teams completed their task, all eventually being bunched at the city of Kandy to make an offering at the Temple of the Tomb. They all then did a Roadblock involving climbing a thousand steps and sighting the Pit Stop using binoculars. However, another team makes a very unfortunate mistake.

The Amazing Race: 6×11
Jan. 25, 2005