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The Amazing Race 6x4

What if It Isn't Sanitary

The teams continue from Stockholm, Sweden to Africa. They first have to find a clue at a Town Hall Center Tower where some teams are embarrassed but ultimately don’t lose ground after misreading an opening time. In Dakar, Sengal, Africa, the teams must find a gravesite of a famous poet and some fall slightly behind for a while on a bit of bad information. Later, they face a Detour in which they must choose between Stack ‘Em Up or Pack ‘Em Up — two tasks involving fish. Stack ‘Em Up, which involves stacking the fish in a pile, seems to be the faster choice, but a few teams opt for the fishing and fall behind. Later, a Roadblock involves hauling salt out of a red lake called Lac Rose. The race to the finish is close, but one team is in for some good news.

The Amazing Race: 6×4
Dec. 07, 2004