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The Amazing Race 7x12

Five Continents, 25 Cities and More than 40,000 Miles

The teams receive a clue telling them to travel from their Pit Stop in Potter’s Field Park, England to Kingston, Jamaica and then take a taxi 90 miles to the Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio. The Roadblock in this leg requires the teams to dance the limbo. Then, after spending the night at that location, they face a Detour that requires them to choose between Raft It or Build It. All teams choose the Build It option, which requires them to build a raft and then sail it a short distance across a river. The teams then travel 80 miles to a coconut and spice plantation in Montego Bay, the Pit Stop for the leg. In the final leg of the race, the teams first face an onion-cutting task and then a Detour in which all teams choose Tee rather than Pony, requiring them to hit a golf ball within a particular area. The teams later travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico and do a Roadblock that requires one team member to take a big dive off a bridge. One team fights back from the from the brink of losing it

The Amazing Race: 7×12
May. 10, 2005