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The Amazing Race 8x11

25 Days, 50 Cities and More than 600 Consecutive Hours as a Family

The teams set off from their Pit Stop in eastern Montana and receive a clue telling them to fly to Montreal, Canada and then find the basement of the C.D.P. Capital Building in Montreal’s underground city. Next they take part in a Detour — Slide It (travel 22 miles and participate in the sport of curling) or Roll It (travel 23 miles and then roll four logs along a one-hundred foot course.) The Weavers and Linzes both opt for Slide It while the Bransens opt for Roll It and taxi/plane confusion causes great delays. Next they all travel 26 miles to the American Pavilion, built by Buckminster Fuller, where they climb a steep staircase and find a clue directing them to a door called Porte D. They make their way to the Olympic Park and pull departure times — Linz – 5:50 A.M., Bransen – 5:45 A.M. and Weaver – 5:55 A.M., but the Weavers nearly quit. After departing, the teams are flown by charters to a mystery desination — Toronto, Canada and then travel to La Tour C.N. (the C.N.

The Amazing Race: 8×11
Dec. 13, 2005