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The Amazing Race 8x2

How Do We Know We Aren't Going to Get Shot?

The nine remaining families set out from the Rohrer Family Farm in Lancaster, PA and receive a clue instructing them to get to York, PA’s Shoe House Road and find the Giant Shoe. After finding this shoe, the families receive a new clue telling them to drive 110 miles to Washington D.C. and find the Reflecting Pool at the U.S. Capitol. Confusion ensues, as there are two Reflecting Pools in Washington D.C. and some families end up at the wrong one. Once at the Reflecting Pool, the next clue has the families retrieve a briefcase from an unseen contact in a limousine and then travel to the Tidal Basin. Once at the Tidal Basin, one member of each family participates in a Roadblock that requires them to search among more than fifty people carrying briefcases for one of ten that is a spy who will give them their next clue. They give them the code phrase “”The sky is blue”” and if the person is the spy, they respond with “”The sea is green.”” The families hen travel to Welbourne Manor in Middlebur

The Amazing Race: 8×2
Oct. 04, 2005