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The Amazing Race 8x3

I Don't Kiss, I Make Out!

The families travel from their Pit Stop at the Welbourne Manor, once owned by a general in the Confederate Army, to Charleston, South Carolina, flying more than 500 miles. Once there, the teams drive to a location known as the Battery and find a gazebo, where they receive a Detour clue. This Detour requires them to choose between Forrest Gump and Muddy Waters — the first task requiring them to dehead shrimp, while the second involves riding through a muddy 4×4 course. Some teams that choose the 4x4s are able to finish fast, but others get stuck and one eventually switches Detours. The teams then take charter buses leaving two hours apart to Huntsville, Alabama, where two members of each family partake in a Roadblock requiring them to endure 3.2 Gs on a centrifuge. During the long bus ride to Huntsville, the Weaver Family suffers a breakdown, but manages to find a way of coping. After completing the Roadblock, the teams then log into a product-placed internet service provider and rece

The Amazing Race: 8×3
Oct. 11, 2005