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The Amazing Race 8x4

Think Like an Office Chair

The teams set off from their Pit Stop in Huntsville and receive a clue telling them to drive one hundred miles to Anniston, Alabama and locate the world’s largest office chair. The next clue sends them to the Alabama Motorsports Hall of Fame and once there, they receive another directing them to the Talladega Super-Speedway where they’ll have to complete a lap around the track. Once they get there, they find that they’re not racing cars but instead traveling in a multi-person vehicle known as a party bike. After completing this task, they travel 260 miles to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and find the Southern Colonel trailer home dealership and spend the night in one of the trailer homes. The next morning, they depart at one of three departure times pulled the night before — 7:20 A.M., 7:40 A.M. or 8:00 A.M. and travel 84 miles to Richland, Mississippi, find a BP station and meet a man named Les. They then make their way to the Pelican State, Louisiana, and participate in a Detour — Wor

The Amazing Race: 8×4
Oct. 18, 2005