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The Amazing Race 8x5

We're Getting Out of the Country, Girls

The teams set off from their Pit Stop in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana and receive a clue telling them to fly more than 2,000 miles to Panama City, Panama in Central America and find the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. All teams are exciting about finally traveling outside of the United States. When the Institute opens, the teams travel across water to begin their search for a man named Ricardo Diaz and one has a close-call when the rower of their boat tries to head off and pick up someone else. Once the teams find Diaz, they receive a clue directing them to either a Fast Forward or a Detour. One team succesfully completes the Fast Forward, while another is burned and has to return to the Detour — Rhythm or Coos. Later, the teams take part in a Roadblock in which one member must get a hit or home run against a champion minor league pitcher. The performance on this Roadblock leads to a close race to the finish.

The Amazing Race: 8×5
Oct. 25, 2005