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The Amazing Race 8x6

I'm Sick of Doing Stuff I Can't Do

The teams travel 600 miles from their Pit Stop at the Miraflores Locks in Panama to San Jose, Costa Rica on three charter buses leaving in half-hour increments. Once in San Jose, the teams wait for the Volcano State Park to open and then receive a clue telling them that something’s brewing at the Doka Estate Coffee Plantation, 17 miles away. What’s brewing turns out to be a Roadblock in which one family member must sift through 800 pounds of coffee beans for a single red one — but one team has to wait after they are Yielded by another. After completing the task, the teams travel 90 miles to the town of Jaco and find a man named Javier at a surf shop called Roca Loca. Their new clue directs them to do a Detour with a choice of either Relic (travel to Rainmaker Adventure Rainforest, cross rickety bridges and search for four Mayan relics) or Ripe (gather fifteen bushels of bananas and then use pulleys to get them to a distribution center.) One team gets stuck in the mud and has to scramble to avoid elimination.

The Amazing Race: 8×6
Nov. 01, 2005