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The Amazing Race 9x1

Here We Go, Baby, Off to Win a Million Bucks!

The new edition of The Amazing Race begins in Denver, Colorado, where the teams receive a clue instructing them to take one of three flights to São Paulo, Brazil. One team makes an immediate mistake by, contrary to instructions, booking the flight by phone and a flight delay causes an unexpected arrival time. Once in Brazil, the teams find a clue directing them to take a taxi three miles to the Viaduto Santa Efigenia bridge. There, they find a Detour choice of either Rotor Head or Motor Head. Most teams opt for Rotor Head, which requires the teams to fly by helicopter to one of three buildings. A few opt for Motor Head, which requires them to assemble a motorcycle from a frame. A couple that choose this option later opt for Rotor Head instead. The teams then participate in a Brazilian religious ceremony culminating in a candle-lighting. They then travel 2½ miles to the Pit Stop at Estadio de Pacaembu. Two teams fall greatly behind and one is unable to recover and is eliminated.

The Amazing Race: 9×1
Feb. 28, 2006